19 Holistic Tips to Elevate Your Health and Happiness


Life’s journey becomes all the more enjoyable when we’re in sync with our well-being. That’s why we’ve got a handful of down-to-earth tips to share with you – 19, to be exact – that can add a little extra sunshine to your health journey.

From simple tweaks to new habits, these nuggets of wisdom are here to help you thrive today and keep that momentum going for years to come.

  1. Champion Heart Health with Nature’s Flavors: Replace iodized salt with herbs like oregano and thyme for better heart health. Celtic and pink salt are my go-to’s when using salt!
  2. Boost Your Liver with Bitters: Indulge in bitters like artichoke, dandelion, and chicory roots to aid your liver’s health.
  3. Ease Inflammation with Turmeric: Include turmeric to naturally reduce inflammation and discomfort.
  4. Stay Energetic with Green Tea: Opt for green tea for energy and overall well-being.
  5. Strengthen Bones with Vitamin D: Spend time outdoors to absorb vitamin D and support bone strength.
  6. Protect Your Prostate with Saw Palmetto: Men can consider saw palmetto extract for prostate health.
  7. Embrace Active Living with Daily Walks: Take daily walks to support heart health and vitality.
  8. Savor Garlic’s Immunity Boost: Enjoy garlic’s immune-boosting properties in your meals.
  9. Hydrate Radiantly: Stay hydrated with flair by infusing water with fruits and citrus.
  10. Prioritize Restful Sleep: Ensure quality sleep for a healthy immune system and overall well-being. Try a Silent Nights patch on your right foot, liver 3 acupuncture point for a wonderful slumber.
  11. Laugh and Connect for Mental Health: Engage in acts of kindness and laughter for a positive mental boost.
  12. Nourish Mind and Body with Novel Skills: Learn new skills to keep your mind sharp and prevent cognitive decline.
  13. Cultivate Green Companions for Stress Relief: Bring plants indoors to reduce stress and improve heart health.
  14. Balance Blood Sugar with Cinnamon: Manage blood sugar using cinnamon’s natural benefits.
  15. Nurture Gut Health with Probiotics: Incorporate probiotics from sauerkraut, yogurt, and kimchi for a happy gut.
  16. Unwind with Herbal Aromatherapy: Use peppermint or lavender for a relaxing aromatherapy experience.
  17. Harmonize with Menopause: Navigate menopause with support from black cohosh.
  18. Enhance Dental Health with Herbal Rinses: Use oregano or peppermint tea to maintain gum health. Our biological dentist suggested using a chlorine dioxide product called Closys. We love it!
  19. Upgrade Your Protein Intake: Prioritize protein in your meals for vitality and strength. Be sure to choose organic, grass-fed and wild-caught!

Remember, wellness isn’t about big, dramatic changes. It’s those little, everyday choices that add up over time.
So, feel free to pick a tip or two that tickles your fancy and give it a go. Here’s to making health a happy and ongoing adventure!

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