7 Reasons Why You’re Experiencing Chronic Inflammation


Inflammation is a healthy and normal process that occurs in the body. When we have inflammation, our body uses white blood cells as a way to fight off invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. However, when inflammation persists and becomes chronic, things can take a turn for the worse. Like many things in life, inflammation is only helpful in moderation.
Symptoms of chronic inflammation tend to be hidden until a major issues arises. Chronic inflammation can be silent and can cause long term damage, but with the right knowledge, you can get to the root of your inflammation and take control of your body! Take a look at the list below to see if these everyday factors could be causing inflammation in your body.

1. Harmful beauty product

A hidden cause for your chronic inflammation may be caused by the type of nail polish you use. Nail polish can be a mix of harmful chemicals. Getting manicures and pedicures is always a fun treat, but not at the expensive of your health!
Three harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polish are:

  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) –  used to make the polish hard, durable and last longer.
  • Toluene – a compound commonly found in nail polish, gasoline and glue.
  • Formaldehyde – commonly known as an embalming fluid, and is used as a preservative

This trio can seep into your body through your nails and cause chronic inflammation. They can irritate your body and skin. Studies have shown that formaldehyde can cause inflammation, particularly in the lungs (source). You may think twice before booking a nail appointment at the spa! There are several non-toxic brands of nail polish for a DIY spa night, like Acquarella or  ella + mila. When purchasing nail polish, be on the lookout for those 3 harmful chemicals and don’t be afraid to do some extra research.

2. Excessive alcohol

Many of us enjoy our glasses of wine in the evening! Alcohol in moderation can be fun and even have some health benefits. But excessive alcohol consumption may the the culprit of the chronic inflammation in your body. Studies have shown that the more an individual drinks, the higher amount of the inflammation hormone CRP (C-reactive protein) is found in the body (source).
Excess alcohol can also be a factor in a the “leaky gut” syndrome, which we discussed in a previous blog post.  A “leaky gut” refers to “intestinal permeability.” This occurs when a damaged small intestine lining leaks toxins and bacteria into the bloodstream. This results in systemic  inflammation. Alcohol can increase inflammation in the gut (source), so remember to enjoy in moderation and choose an herbicide-free option like Dry Farms Wine (my personal favorite). Dry Farms Wines are delicious, low in sugar and alcohol and are tested to ensure that they are glyphosate free. This means no hangover too!

3. Nicotine intake  

Today we know that smoking can result in a slew of health issues. Many people thought that the harmful chemicals in cigarettes were the sole culprits in medical issues related to smoking, but we now know that nicotine itself is a major reason for overall inflammation in the body (source). Nicotine in tobacco, e-cigs, vapes and cigarettes have all been found to increase inflammation.. Try your best to reduce nicotine consumption, or even better, eliminate it completely! Never underestimate your willpower and determination to quit using addictive nicotine products. Your body will thank you!

4. Your diet

As I mentioned in a previous post, food plays a major role in reducing or producing chronic inflammation in the body. You are what you eat so remember to fuel your body with the proper nutrients to avoid unwanted inflammation! Having a healthy, clean diet will help control your body’s inflammation.
Some foods I suggest avoiding are:

  • Sugars – Candy, soda and high-fructose corn syrup products can all lead to increased inflammation, which can lead to health issues down the road (source). If you’re looking for something sweet, eat low glycemic berries or other  fruit to fulfill your sweet tooth craving.
  • Processed meats – Because processed meats are high in saturated fat and advanced glycation end products (AGE), consuming them can cause an increase in inflammation (source). AGEs occur when sugar combines with proteins in the blood and result in a harmful compound. Too many AGEs can accumulate in the body and inflammation rises.
  • White bread  – The refined carbohydrates in white bread can raise blood sugar very quickly once consumed. Studies shown that the spike in blood sugar levels after eating white bread is paired with an increase in inflammatory markers (source).  One study showed that consuming 2 slices of toast increased blood sugar more than drinking a can of Pepsi. Yikes!
  • Margarine – The trans fat in margarine is linked to increased inflammation (source). Margarine is typically made from refined vegetable oils mixed with water and may also contain milk. Unfortunately, when vegetable oils are refined, they become rancid very quickly. Adding heat to these refined oils just adds insult to injury and creates massive inflammation in the body. While margarine is not used for cooking french fries, the same refined oils are used in fast food restaurants. Did you know that one order of fast food french fries creates inflammation at the cellular level for 102 days?

5. Depression

Depression not only affects the mental aspects of your brain and emotions, but your physical body as well. Remember those CRPs I mentioned earlier? Data has shown those with depression have a 46% higher CRP levels in their body than those without depression (source).
Some call the gut the second brain and if you are consuming foods that create inflammation, then you could be setting yourself up for depression. Whatever you eat will affect, (either positively or negatively) your neurotransmitter production and therefore your mood. Think twice about eating those hot cheetos!
If you are suffering from depression or any mental health issue, never forget you are not alone. I always recommend reaching out to a professional if you feel you may be suffering from depression.
Recently I was a featured speaker in the Depression and Anxiety Summit hosted by Jonathan Otto. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, I highly recommend purchasing your own copy of the summit. It is jam packed with information that can help you to reclaim your health and happiness. You can find a FREE  report and information about The Depression and Anxiety Summit here.

6. Underlying health issues

Virtually every disease and health issue is tied to deep cellular inflammation. Alzheimer’s, heart disease, joint pain, brain fog, stealth infections, weight loss resistance and even gluten intolerance have been linked to chronic inflammation in the body (source). The underlying causes of autoimmune diseases are also tied to inflammation (source).  Studies have shown that individuals with diabetes can suffer from heart attacks, strokes, kidney problems due to complications with inflammation (source).
Diabetes runs rampant in the US and chronic systemic inflammation is the culprit. The processed and denatured foods that we eat along with the daily exposures to toxins and chemicals create inflammation at the cellular level. As a result, our hormone and nutrient receptors become blunted and damaged. No wonder diabetics can’t get insulin into their cells. Their cell walls and hormone receptors are too inflamed!
The bottom line is to be good to your body. Feed it well, get plenty of rest, exercise and stay hydrated. These are the main keys to staying healthy and controlling inflammation! Remember, experiencing chronic inflammation could be your body signaling you that you may have an underlying health issue!

7. Lack of quality sleep

Sleep! It is something we all love to do, but tend to neglect! Your sleep schedule can affect so many aspects of your body, including inflammation. A lack of sleep puts your body in a weakened state and increase your risk of inflammatory diseases.
Studies have stated that individuals who get less than seven or eight hours of sleep have increased levels of CRPs in the body (source). In addition, getting too much sleep can result in similar levels of inflammation. The bottom line? Take your sleep schedule seriously! Turn off your cell phone, create a sustainable sleep schedule and catch some Zzz’s!
Scott and I have a bedtime routine that I’d like to share.

  1. First, we take our binders for heavy metals and biotoxins. As we sleep, our bodies go into detox mode and we want to use binding agents to grab onto those toxins and pull them safely out of the body. These are the binders that we use on a nightly basis.
  2. Secondly, we have downloaded special sleep music that is based upon the Solfeggio frequencies for deep sleep and healing. Many of them can be played very softly all night long. When you search You Tube for 528hz, 832hz or 412hz, you will find a plethora of Solfeggio music to help you sleep deeply and awakened recharged. Check them out.
  3. For over 10 years now, we have used a PEMF device underneath our mattress. The Earthpulse Device helps us to get deep, restorative sleep. We wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning. I even carry it in my bag when I travel. :)

Feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions, or share your thoughts below in the comments. I would love to support you in your efforts. What have you put into practice to reduce inflammation in your body?