How to use intermittent fasting to age gracefully


Another incredible anti-aging lifestyle tool I use with my clients is intermittent fasting.
You’ve probably heard about it—it’s gotten popular recently in the health and fitness realm. And for a good reason!
Here is the idea behind intermittent fasting. We know that eating revs up your metabolism, DNA, cells and ages you prematurely. But when you intermittent fast, this kind of calorie restriction counts.
Why does this make a difference?
Over time, intermittent fasting makes you a very efficient fat burner, and sugar and carb cravings slowly disappear.
You don’t have to push food away, because your body simply doesn’t desire excess food.
Studies also show that fasting raises human growth hormone, the so-called “fountain of youth,” and the key hormone for anti-aging and looking young and vital. When you fast all night long, and continue fasting until late morning or the afternoon, your body is burning fat and cleaning up cellular debris in the body.
Periodically, I have clients fast for four to seven consecutive days on probiotic whey water or bone stock only so they can see the anti-aging results of fasting!
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