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What Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About Cancer

If you or a loved one is faced with a serious diagnosis, you understand that the level of fear that can overwhelm you. As an ovarian cancer survivor, I understand this feeling all too well. It's so important that we don't get sucked into the fear or become obsessed with test results. That's why I wrote this ebook about the top 5 toxins destroying your health that your doctor isn't telling you about. Take your health into your own hands.

Band-aids don’t work when it comes to CANCER.

Unearth the root causes to reclaim your health and vitality.

About Me

I'm Trina Hammack, a Holistic Health and Wellness expert working with people who desperately want to reclaim their health and vitality. Having healed myself naturally from Lyme Disease and Ovarian Cancer, I understand how it feels to be faced with a serious diagnosis. My clients have graciously dubbed me “The Root Cause Warrior for Health,” a title I wear proudly. I will leave no stone unturned as I teach others how to reclaim their strength and vitality.

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