Dry Skin Brushing and How it Works


It can be hard to struggle with skin issues, whether it is acne, keratosis pilaris, stretch marks, spider veins, cellulite or something else. 
While it is valuable, crucial even, to come to a place of acceptance and contentment with our bodies, that doesn’t mean that we can’t also take strides toward improving our inner and outer health!
One natural remedy that might be your new best friend is dry skin brushing. Dry brushing  is the practice of using a dry bristle brush on different areas of your skin, usually on a daily basis. Skin is your largest organ, so it makes sense to take care of it!

Why Should You Try it?

“Dry brushing has been used for centuries by Scandinavians and Russians. More than 30 years ago, a Finnish doctor by the name of Paavo Airola prescribed this technique for his patients to detoxify, exfoliate and stimulate the skin.” (Source)
There are several benefits to dry skin brushing. One of the main benefits is, of course, the removal of dry skin from the body through exfoliation. Some other benefits include the reduction of cellulite by increasing circulation. This helps you to produce new skin cells faster and keeps your blood circulating properly. It can also be relaxing and help if you are experiencing sensory overload or if you need to calm yourself from the stress of your day. 
You may be thinking that dry skin brushing will cost a lot of money for the right tools. The truth is, you can start with a simple soft bristle brush for less than $20 at most stores. I suggest purchasing a dry brush that has natural boar bristles.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

You may have heard of dry brushing, and you may know you want to do it as part of your skin care routine. What you may not know is what the overall benefits of this technique are. It removes dry skin, but what else does dry skin brushing offer that you can’t get from other dry skin removal methods? 
Here are some of those benefits to consider.

Stimulate the Lymphatic System

One of the key benefits of dry brushing occurs in the lymphatic system. This is an important benefit because this system helps remove cellular waste. Dry brushing helps to open the cells to move waste products out and while rebuilding the skin and cellular system. It helps prevent blockage in this system too. Think of it as opening up blocked pores, making sure that waste products are cycling out and allowing the area to be cleared properly as well. 


Poor circulation can cause a number of problems with the skin including an accumulation of dry skin cells and even fat in certain areas. The increase in circulation from dry brushing can help stimulate your cells just like with the lymphatic system. This increased circulation helps with the removal of metabolic waste from the body, which can help the skin distribute natural oils. This makes the skin softer and smoother over time without the need for over the counter lotions that can have harmful ingredients. 

How to Dry Brush

Dry skin brushing is a simple enough method. You use a non-synthetic or natural bristle brush on your body to remove dry skin. This brushing technique is done all over your body and with no lotion, soap, or water. You simply brush the body gently making sure to get every part of your body and then take a shower afterwards. It is considered to be a more natural and milder form of exfoliation than using over the counter and chemical exfoliating methods that can actually cut or damage the skin. 
So, you bought your dry skin brush and you are ready to get started! Here are the basic steps for how to dry skin brush and get the most from your brushing routine.

What You Need for Dry Brushing

The main tool of dry skin brushing is the brush itself. That’s it. You can use a soft towel for drying off after your shower that is specifically for the days that you do dry skin brushing. This does help at the beginning when your skin is still sensitive to the dry skin brushing process. The most important thing to keep in mind with dry skin brushing is the brush itself. Make sure to use something with natural bristles. Synthetic bristles can cause damage to your skin and may be too harsh. Finding a soft bristle brush is optimal, as you don’t want one that will cause microcuts to your skin. Natural health stores and spa supply shops will have the types of brush you need for dry skin brushing. 

Get in the Shower

One of the first steps is to get in the shower so you’re in a place where the dry skin is contained and can be removed from the area easily. You will be showering right after the dry skin brushing in order to remove the extra skin that the brush may not have removed. It will serve as a method to clean the pores and rejuvenate the cells. If you do not want to shower, you can choose to take a bath instead. As long as one or the other follows the dry skin brushing. 

Brush Your Entire Body

You may be questioning what part of your body you should dry brush. The truth is, you should be brushing your entire body! All you need to do is brush lighter in sensitive areas, but do not avoid them. Only avoid areas with wounds or cuts. Always body brush toward your heart starting on your legs and moving up your body. Brush in long motions on your arms and legs and in circular motions on your abdomen and chest.
I want to encourage you to try dry skin brushing and see if you notice a difference in your skin’s appearance and elasticity!