Finally Lose Fat: Why You Should Do Burst Training


When we look at studies on fat burning, high intensity interval training (HIIT), or burst training as I like to call it, is the preferred method of exercise.
High intensity burst training is the kind of exercise humans are meant to pursue, and incorporate into our fat loss lifestyle. We were designed to chase down prey, to run and stop and then run again.

What is it?

High intensity interval training is about getting the heart rate high enough so it’s tough to breathe. You perform a an exercise at your maximum capacity for 30-60 seconds, rest, then repeat. The great thing about it is that 1) it doesn’t take much time—even 15 minutes of burst training has huge benefits—and 2) you can do it anytime, anywhere.
You can walk outside your house and sprint down the street for 30 seconds as hard as you can, then rest for a minute and repeat! Simple.

Why it Works

Burst training gives you the benefits of both aerobic AND anaerobic exercise. When you do high intensity bursting, anti-aging growth hormones and anabolic hormones increase. Anabolic hormones and growth hormones, “fountain of youth” hormones, are needed to lose weight, remain lean, heal the brain and stay young looking and vital.
Not to mention, since burst training depletes your energy stores so quickly, it takes a long time after your workout is over to replenish them. Which means your body continues to burn fat for hours after you’re done.

What About Endurance Training?

Endurance and aerobic training has its benefits, but for fat loss and slowing aging, there are far greater gains with burst training. When someone does a lot of endurance training, the anti-aging growth hormone drops as do anabolic hormones.
Now if you are healthy enough to do endurance exercise, vary it. Do it in moderation while you are training for a marathon, but include burst training as well. Studies show that people who run miles and miles actually become weaker. When those folks start including high intensity training, they do much better!
I encourage you to work in burst training to your routine 3x a week and stick to it for several weeks in a row. I guarantee you’ll start seeing benefits.