Frequency Specific Microcurrent

​There is hope with frequency specific microcurrent.

​​What Is FSM?

I love FSM! I have been using it in my practice since 2003 and even after all these years, the results still continue to amaze me. I am a huge fan of using frequencies to help correct imbalances in the body because they are safe and effective. FSM is a tool that I use every day to maintain the health and well-being of myself, my family, my clients and my pets.

People often ask me if FSM is a TENS unit and I typically say, "Yes and no." A TENS unit has a very limited range of frequencies to help with pain and inflammation while a Frequency Specific Microcurrent device has countless combinations of frequencies to use for a plethora of health concerns.

​How It Works

FSM is a dual channel device which allows us to pair the frequency of the “problem or issue” with the frequency of the “tissue.” For example, pairing the frequency of inflammation, 40hz, with the frequency of the liver, 35hz, allows us to specifically target inflammation in the liver. In this manner, we can help the body to find a balance point, reduce inflammation, increase ATP production, and return to a healthy state faster. In fact, studies have found that FSM helps the body to heal 500x faster from an injury.

​Who Uses It

Many professional sports teams use FSM to get their players back on the field in a fraction of the time. In my practice, I use FSM for faster recovery with athletes on all levels, from weekend warriors to professional NFL players.

The Frequency Specific Difference

Years ago, my son was in a skateboard competition, and he suffered an extreme concussion. We had him examined and tested at the hospital for a possible brain bleed and thankfully there was no bleed, only a major concussion. I used the FSM concussion protocol every day for 5 days. When he went to the doctor 5 days later, the doctor couldn’t believe his progress and even asked me if he actually had a concussion at all. It was an amazing recovery!

Discover Your FSM Experience

Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the results that FSM provides. Many of my clients love the technology so much they have their own Custom Care FSM home units. We can program them for their specific needs and all they need to do is push a button, sit back, and relax. FSM even has protocols for balancing emotions and the limbic system in the brain!

I have tons of amazing stories about using FSM, but the best way to learn about FSM is through your own personal experience.

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