3 Keys of Sticking to Healthy Habits


I’m going to share something really important that just might change how you look at your health & fitness.

It’s a mindset trick that will make it EASIER for you to:

1. Stick with the basics,

2. Avoid feeling overwhelmed, and

3. Take off some of the pressure you might feel about all things you think you “should” be doing.

Think back to the last time you had to teach someone something.

Maybe it was a new person at work … maybe it was teaching a kid to tie (or Velcro) their shoes … or maybe it was in an actual classroom.

How did you do it?

I’m guessing you didn’t overwhelm your student with EVERYTHING at once – or expect them to do it exactly right on their first (or second or third) try.

You probably started with the basics … at the very beginning … and then when they understood them, you added more info or actions.

Your healthy lifestyle habits are no different.

EXCEPT that we expect ourselves to be able to jump right into the deep end and do ALL the things from Day One.

(And do them perfectly.)

Not exactly a recipe for success – more like a plan for burnout and frustration.

A better approach: let yourself be like your student, and focus on 1-2 new habits and skills – actions that actually help you feel SUCCESSFUL.

And then add more when it’s time.

This could be:

  • Starting with a few workouts a week that leave you feeling energized and stronger (vs. sore and exhausted)
  • Making changes in your meals and snacks to include foods that you love AND support your goals (vs. leave you feeling deprived with constant cravings)
  • Finding ways to fit self-care into your busy schedule (vs. always feeling like you’re behind and struggling to catch up)

Sounds pretty good, right?

At Cornerstone Wellness Center, we help our clients create results that last a lifetime by investigating the underlying Root Causes to their health issues. Many times we find gut imbalances, mold toxicity and poor dietary choices to be Root Cause issues. Once we figure out what’s causing the problem, then we can fix it! I like to TEST and not GUESS!

We’ve helped hundreds of clients lose fat and regain their energy by exploring the Root Causes.

And we’d love to be part of your wellness team to help YOU reach your goals.

If you’re still reading right now, it’s for a reason. You’re probably ready to make some kind of a change in your life … and that’s AMAZING.

If this is you, let’s talk. You can set up a FREE 15 minute chat with me HERE so we can strategize and figure out the best action plan for YOU.