How to Make Being Healthy Fun!


Ready for some fun?

We can get SO SERIOUS about our health. And yes, it can be serious business. But it also can be FUN.

That’s one thing I work on with my clients – enjoying the process by mixing things up or adding a novelty factor every once in a while.

To switch things up, I came up with a few ways to gamify your health and have more FUN with it! Let’s get into it:

1) Use an app to track your DAILY goal!

Set a goal for your sleep, meditation, # of steps, or any other habit you’re building.

Shoot for a goal that’s

1) achievable but

2) requires a little effort.

And here’s the fun part: Get a streak going … and keep it going!

See how many days in a row you can do it! I have a friend who has been on a streak for more than 736 DAYS! Incredible! You better believe that she isn’t going to let anything get in her way now.

  • TIP 1: Give yourself a reward every 30 days.
  • TIP 2: Keep your goal reasonable – the idea is to create consistency and make the process enjoyable, not punishment.

2) Walk to the Eiffel Tower (or anywhere else in the world).

Think of a landmark you’ve always wanted to visit. Then look up online how far away it is from your home. Tally all your steps/mileage every day until you reach it … and then give yourself a great reward!

3) Try a new healthy food every week.

One of the keys to eating a healthy diet is to add variety – and experimenting with new foods can make it really fun.

Every time you go to the grocery store, pick out ONE NEW THING to try. Maybe it’s a dragonfruit … a new herb … or kimchi!

You can even track it on a calendar or in a journal so you can see all of the new things you’ve tried over the months.

4) Take yourself on a monthly self-care date!

Book a massage, try a new treatment (soak tank, salt caves, etc.), go for a hike, try a new workout, or browse a store you love but haven’t visited lately (my pick: a locally owned bookstore!).

If you do something new and exciting every month, you’ll really look FORWARD to these special days. The key is to turn it into a monthly habit 🙂

  • TIP: Block off these days on your calendar so you actually end up taking them!

5) Work with a health practitioner! They will keep your routine fresh, fun, and effective – and help you track your progress along the way.

(And I happen to know a great one … wink, wink!)

What is YOUR favorite way to inject more FUN into your healthy routine? Hit “reply” and let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas.

Make it a healthy day,

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