How to Start Resolving Emotional Trauma


There are really two big pieces to resolving emotional conflict.
The first step is to do the deep emotional work of fully resolving that trauma from your past. You also need to support the body and your immune system while you work on that resolution. This will ease the effect of dis-ease on your body when you enter the healing phase.
When I work with clients, we integrate functional nutrition with emotional work, as well as supporting the immune system and detoxing the body safely. Body, mind, and spirit! That’s the holistic approach.

How to Begin Resolving Emotional Trauma

When helping clients to resolve their emotional trauma, I give them specific exercises to practice releasing on the emotional level. These exercises are designed to keep them moving forward and releasing their trauma, so they don’t get stuck in the symptoms of a hanging healing.
Here’s something you can start doing at home. If you’ve got grudges, anger, and resentment, it’s just hurting you. Let it go. This helps you to get through that healing phase, move on and be healthy again.
I also think it’s incredibly important to help your children to resolve their emotional stuff when it comes up. Don’t just shush them or say, “Oh, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Have them work it out. And the same goes for you. Expression is the name of the game. We call it “name it, claim it, dump it.”
Otherwise, you end up like me. A 3-year-old that carries her trauma all the way until she’s 43.
We all have traumas, but if we can teach ourselves and our kids to resolve them as quickly as possible, we’ll all be a lot healthier. We won’t carry them our whole lives while our bodies break down.

How to Support the Body During the Healing Phase

As you’re releasing your conflicts, boost your immune system during the healing process so your healing (dis-ease) phase will be easier to manage.
Immune system boosting is always the first thing on my list. I also work with my clients to down-regulate inflammation, keep them extra hydrated, open up pathways of elimination, and make sure they get plenty of rest.
Another crucial, but often overlooked step is to keep stress levels down. Try to stay as balanced as you can, and when you have a symptom, don’t freak out. It’s actually a good thing! Symptoms show that we are going from being conflicted to making a big resolution. The symptoms are a sign that you’re moving forward in your healing.
The name of the game is to support the body appropriately. Detox baths, body brushing, coffee enemas, organic chicken soup, immune boosting supplements, massage, acupuncture, music and walks in nature are all tools that you can use to support your body as it heals.
Rest and give your body the nutrients that it needs to repair itself.
When you do these things — do the deep work of resolving your traumas plus supporting the body — then you’re not using bandaids anymore. You’re really getting down to it. When you begin to have more joy and peace in your life, you know you’re getting better.
But if you’re not there, keep working to figure this stuff out. Because it does affect your health in the long run!
I made it through Lyme naturally. I made it through ovarian cancer naturally. Mold poisoning, metals poisoning, parasites — I’ve been through it. But you’ve just got to keep going. Keep going. Always moving forward.
And if you need support and guidance through this process, please reach out to me here. I am here to teach and support you along your sacred path of healing.