How You Can Get Pain Relief Naturally


If you are familiar with me and my life’s purpose, you know I’m passionate about resolving health problems at the source.
Unfortunately, chronic pain is something a lot of people struggle with. And when you’re in a place of constant pain, it can be tempting to take whatever pills might offer some relief. There are many dangers associated with prescription pain pills, and over the counter pain medication comes with its own slew of side effects and should not be used more than few days in a row.
I’m here to offer you some safer alternatives that will help resolve the cause of your pain rather than masking symptoms.

Infrared Saunas

There’s evidence that supports the use of infrared saunas for pain relief. They use heat and light to promote soothing relief for pain and inflammation while safely detoxifying your body.  
As a matter of fact, I take an infrared sauna every morning before I head to the gym. I have been using the Solo Sauna from Sunlighten since 2003 and LOVE it! I like the fact that my head is outside of the sauna so I don’t heat up and detox my brain too much.
A great thing about infrared saunas is that they produce results at a lower level of heat, so more people can tolerate them!
The infrared heater warms up your body at the core rather than on the skin’s surface. Solocarbon is the only infrared heater proven to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature and aid in weight loss. You can either go to a sauna studio, or purchase one for your own home.

Pain Relieving Essential Oils

Lavender and peppermint oils are well known for their pain relief!
Lavender has a soothing and calming effect, which can relieve any pain caused by stress. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties which can help ease sore muscle, aches and pains. Add it to a carrier oil like coconut oil or castor oil to massage into the affected areas.
Peppermint oil is antispasmodic, meaning it stops muscle spasms. Topically, it’s beneficial for muscle pain and headaches. Internally, it soothes abdominal pains related to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Always use pharmaceutical grade essential oils such as Young Living Essential Oils to avoid toxic. You can get my favorite essential oils by Young Living here.

Rolf Structural Integration

Rolf Structural Integration is a system of soft tissue manipulation that organizes the whole body in gravity.  Rolf SI bodywork affects the body’s posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system (connective tissue).” (Source)
Going through the process of Structural Integration is actually how I began my journey into holistic health! Before I went through the process of Structural Integration, I had horrible neck and back pain. The ten session series unwound deep physical and emotional trauma which in turn, created a more balanced and pain free body. I’ve never felt better and my body has maintained the physical changes for over 25 years, although I still like to have tune ups from time to time.
Often considered a deep-tissue approach, Rolf SI bodywork is deep tissue work that eases strain patterns in the entire myofascial system of the body. It is used to ease pain stemming from physical injuries and their resulting compensations. It differs from massage in that it’s designed to correct any structural imbalances. In other words, it’s not a fluff and buff. It’s bodywork that really helps to create balance, flow and grace. I highly recommend it!
P.S. It doesn’t have to hurt!
Find a certified Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner near you here.

Supplements that Reduce Pain

Turmeric contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. You can add it to your daily smoothie or juice, use it as a spice in your dishes, and even make your own golden milk.
Magnesium can help ease muscle pain because it has a relaxation effect. It can even help ease nerve pain. Plus, magnesium has an added benefit of helping you sleep. Start your dosage low because it can cause diarrhea!
Another way to flood your body with magnesium is to take and epsom salt bath or better yet, find a Float Spa near you!
A cream made with capsaicin from chili peppers can be applied topically to the area that hurts. Supplement pills with capsaicin may also relieve pain due to diarrhea and cramps.
I hope this will give you some ideas to try out that will offer you some relief! If you have any questions, leave me a comment below.