​Lack of Energy


​"I can’t make it through the day without an energy slump!"

Chronic Fatigue

In an ideal world, your cortisol levels should be highest in the morning and taper off throughout the day until it’s time to go to bed. At bedtime, melatonin levels naturally rise to help you sleep, and then they dip back down in the morning. This cycle helps you to keep a regular, healthy sleep rhythm.

If you’re constantly fatigued, not sleeping well or not sleeping at all, something is could be messing with your sleep regulating hormones.

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    Parasites. Parasites can wreak on your gut, and raise control levels at night and keep you wide awake.
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    Mold. Exposure to mold introduces a host of problems inside the body, just one of those being the inability to sleep well and recharge.
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    Lifestyle. Environmental toxins, sleep habits, dietary habits and more all affect your ability to sleep and wake up feeling renewed.

If you don’t sleep, your adrenals don’t recharge! If your adrenals don’t recharge, you wind up with brain fog, low energy, and fatigue. When your adrenals are exhausted, it can feel like your battery is only halfway charged. Adrenal and thyroid function go hand in hand so if you also have thyroid issues theres a good chance that you will feel fatigued. It’s all connected!

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