My Emotional Root Cause Journey


I believe that early emotional trauma sets us up for disease later in life, especially cancer. I also believe that given the right tools, we have the power to heal ourselves.
How do I know this? Well, you might already know that I’ve healed myself naturally from aggressive stage 3 Ovarian Cancer and Lyme Disease that was eating my brain.
When we go through a trauma, we are so focused on getting through and surviving the situation that we don’t think about dealing with the emotional effects. Especially traumas that happen when we are children. Young brains don’t have the ability to process and resolve trauma in a healthy way yet! Then over time, our bodies begin to manifest those effects physically.

How Emotional Trauma Affects the Brain

Any time we experience a conflict, or a shock, or a trauma, it hits our brain, body, and psyche simultaneously. The type of trauma that we experience determines which area of the brain it hits and therefore the body part affected. Emotional trauma leaves a mark on the brain that you can actually see on a no-contrast brain CT. I’ve done my brain scan twice and I can see where shocks and traumas are present on my brain!
When you look at a brain scan, you will see rings that look like tree rings, in different layers of and on different places of the brain. Each one of these tree rings represents a specific shock or a conflict that has happened in your life.
Now, sometimes we resolve these conflicts, and when that happens, amino acids go to that little shock ring on the brain, and it heals it there. But sometimes, these shocks and conflicts are not resolved.
And so we carry them with us through our lives. And what you’ll notice is those same types of shocks and traumas will keep happening over and over in your life because the original one is unresolved. Your subconscious is trying to get you to resolve an original trauma by bringing it back up for you. It’s kind of like the movie Groundhog Day where the same day plays out over and over again.

My Emotional Root Cause Journey

For me, it all started when I was 3 years old and I was ripped away from my father in the middle of the night. My mom took her 4 kids and ran off with another man. I wouldn’t see my father for 43 years. I had no idea how this trauma would come back to haunt me years later in the form of disease.
During the best time of my life, I also experienced the worst time of my life. I lost my mother, my brother and my cat in two weeks. I was devastated. My 48 year old mother, who was my rock, finally succumbed to breast cancer & treatment. Cancer was no stranger to my family. My grandmother and namesake, died at age 36 from Ovarian Cancer & treatment.
Fast forward to 2003, I was living a beautiful life in Big Sur, Ca when I received a phone call from a hospital in Florida. My biological father was bleeding out in the ICU, they didn’t expect him to live and he wanted me to come to his bedside. I had no idea what to expect as I had not seen him in 43 years. Ultimately, I stayed two weeks, helped in the ways that I knew how to help and was happy to see him recover.
Immediately after I returned home, the nightmare began. I was exhausted, anxious, had massive brain fog and even seizures. I sought medical attention but I was told that nothing was wrong with me and it was all in my head. As it turned out, it really WAS in my head. Lyme disease was eating my brain! With a young son to take care of, I was forced to figure it out for myself. I dove into root cause healing methods such as biofeedback, detox, nutrition and homeopathy and I healed myself within the year. I wouldn’t learn about the most important root cause until a few years later.
In 2008, we planned a trip to Florida to swim with wild dolphins. Since we were so close, I thought it would be nice to spend a few days getting to know my father. We had a lovely time laughing, telling stories and getting to know one another. It was as if I had my father back.
When I returned home, as if on cue, I began to feel ill, tired and bloated. My son even said, “Mom, you’re getting fat.” I went to see my gynecologist, he did a pelvic ultrasound immediately diagnosed me with Ovarian Cancer. I was blindsided. The room spun and in my mind’s eye I immediately saw a coffin. I never saw it coming.
My choices were slim, basically surgery and chemo. The survival rate statistics were not good. I felt deep in my bones that I needed to do things differently. Death was non negotiable. I needed to be there for my son. I thank God that I listened. I had the surgery, refused chemo and followed a natural immune boosting program.
The two questions that haunted me were WHY did I get cancer and was it COMING BACK.

The Big WHY Behind My Story

Then the answers walked into my life. I studied the work of Dr. Hamer, an oncologist that correlated specific traumas (that can detected on a brain scan), with specific cancers. I had my brain scan done and analyzed and discovered that he was SPOT ON.
I discovered that the Lyme and the Ovarian cancer were directly tied to the trauma of being taken away from my father when I was 3. A light came on. It was as if my life’s purpose had culminated in this exact moment.
I now understood WHY it had come and I was incredibly relieved to know that it wasn’t coming back. I realized that the emotional trauma link was the missing piece to cancer recovery and it was the special thing I was meant to teach.
It’s been a long and winding road. In the past 10 years, I’ve taught countless people to uncover their missing link using my proprietary process called the Canceling Cancer Blueprint. I remember working with a beautiful young mother named Laura. She had stage 4 metastasized breast, bone and lymphatic cancer and the doctors sent her home to die.
After walking her through the process, all Laura’s cancers completely disappeared. From June to December we watched each new PET scan become more clear until she was completely cancer free. She is still cancer free and living her life to the fullest each day.
Regardless of your treatment choice, I’d like to invite you to open to the possibility that the missing link is in the emotional realm. I believe you have the power to turn a cancer on, and you also have the power to turn a cancer off.
We’ll be diving more into how to uncover YOUR emotional root causes in the next few blogs!