My Top 5 Tips for Fall Wellness


I love the changing seasons! How about you? Along with seasons changing however, comes a different list of wellness concerns to focus upon. Fall can bring new allergies, more frequent exposure to sickness (especially with school back in session), and less sunlight and outdoors time.
Of course, where you are in the world affects how much your seasons are changing right now. Here in California, our seasons don’t change a whole lot. The temperature only drops slightly and most days remain sunny.
It’s important for everyone to keep these changes in mind, but if you live in (or are traveling to) a place where the temperature drops, weather changes, and the amount of daylight gets significantly shorter, these tips are especially important for you.

Consider Taking a Vitamin D Supplement

Most of our bodies’ vitamin D is derived from the sun. If you live in a location that gets a lot less daylight in the fall and winter, or if you simply spend less time in the sun during these colder seasons, it’s a good idea to consider adding a vitamin D/K2 supplement to your daily regimen.
It’s also important to note that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is linked to a lack of vitamin D, so if you notice that you tend to struggle more with depression in the colder months, I highly encourage you to start taking this supplement now to offset SAD. (Source) It’s a small step that could make your life much more enjoyable this fall and winter. You can shop supplements in my professional online dispensary here. You’ll also receive a 15% discount!

Eat Micronutrient Dense Foods

It’s no secret that contagious illnesses like the flu, colds, upper respiratory infections and more are prevalent in the fall and winter. Let’s do something to help prevent you from contracting one — give your body what it needs to protect itself! To keep your immune system functioning well, it needs to be balanced and nourished.
Give your immune system what it needs to thrive by eating foods rich in micronutrients like zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E. Not surprisingly, vegetables are high in micronutrients. Fruits also contain a good amount of micronutrients as well. Here is a list of the most nutrient-dense foods for your reference.

Manage Your Stress

Chronic stress lowers your body’s ability to fight off infection. Another way you can keep your immune system healthy is by keeping close tabs on your stress level! (Source) A less easily detectable type of stress is chronic stress (versus a sudden, short-lived stressor). Chronic stress is a more constant stress that might creep into your life without you noticing.
I want you to take an in depth look at your surroundings, relationships, and commitments so you can begin to uncover what might cause chronic stress. Then it’s time to do the hard work of removing that stressor, or learning healthy ways to cope with it. Your body will thank you for it later.
When you feel like stress is taking over your life, you aren’t sleeping well or if you are gaining weight around your belly, it may be due to high stress and elevated cortisol. Besides managing the obvious stressors in your life, you may  benefit from using a cortisol management supplement.
I like to use Cortisol Manager from Integrative Therapeutics before bed or even during the day when stress levels are higher. Many of my clients will take a couple before bed and find that they sleep like a dream and wake up refreshed.You can check out Cortisol Manager in my online dispensary here.

Adjust Your Skincare Routine

Weather affects our skin deeply. You may have noticed this when traveling to a different part of the world. Your skin might have either broken out, or become dry. We don’t want either one to happen this fall!
Most climates in the United States get drier when the seasons change to fall and winter. If you haven’t already, invest in a high-quality, non-toxic moisturizer. And don’t forget the non-toxic sunscreen! Even though you might not feel the sun as intensely in colder weather, it still can do damage to your skin. Plus the hot feeling isn’t there to remind us to apply sunscreen—so it’s up to you to remember.
Oh, and be sure to check out EWG’s Healthy Living app to help you stay informed on the most up to date information on non-toxic sunscreens.

Stay Active

It’s easier to find an excuse to stay inside in colder months, making us more sedentary. Not good! That just means we have to be more deliberate about getting regular movement in our lives. Something as simple as getting outside to rake the leaves, taking the dog for a walk, playing with the kids on the playground (don’t forget disinfectant—I like to use Young Living’s Thieves spray) can make all the difference. Not only does exercise keep our bodies healthy, but our minds as well. Think of it as a form of self care.
Wishing you a happy, healthy fall!