​Are you concerned there is a deeper cause of disease?


​"I want a more comprehensive approach to addressing my disease!"

Root Cause of Disease

When it comes to dealing with disease, whether that is cancer or autoimmune or something else, the root causes are often overlooked in favor of treating symptoms. 

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    Emotional Triggers. Every type of disease has an associated emotional trigger that the brain stores.
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    Cellular Inflammation. Determine what is driving inflammation at the cellular level
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    Infections, Diet, Environment. And more! All of these things come into play when looking at the root cause of disease.

Disease is a multi-faceted, multi-layered problem that deserves an equally multi-faceted approach to both treatment and prevention.

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"Trina’s work is famously effective, affirming and empowering.

I am convinced that when a person is feeling symptoms, there is far more going on with the patient than we Western trained physicians are able to access. Trina’s wealth of medical knowledge is amazingly vast and she knows when to guide the patient back to our Western approach when necessary.

I have always felt confident in her keen intuition that inherently knows what each individual patients needs."

– Dr Janine Talty, DO Lyme Specialist, Author of Indigo Awakening

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