When people ask me about the types of things I do in my holistic practice, I’d have to say that I am a Root Cause Warrior for Health. I layer many modalities together to get to the root of the problem. These three core pillars, emotional, physical and nutritional,  can help find the ROOT of your health issues. 

EMOTIONAL: Emotional Clearing with Recall Healing

One of the most overlooked links to cancer lies in the emotional realm. Cancer and other autoimmune diseases are running rampant – we spend less time interacting face to face and more time in the digital world, there’s a lack of true connection. People are becoming frustrated and depressed because of this disconnection. Then one day you walk out of the doctor’s office with a cancer diagnosis and it feels like you have been hit with a two by four. There are consistent patterns on the brain scans of cancer patients – for example, all ovarian cancers are tied to the conflict of loss, and all liver cancers tied to the conflict of survival. These patterns help us to determine the emotional connection and help us determine how to clear it. I continue to study this work and integrate emotional clearing into my practice, helping people to uncover and completely heal the underlying Emotional Root causes of disease.

PHYSICAL: Structural Integration
The function and structure of the human body go hand in hand. Poor alignment can contribute to pain, inflammation, headaches, back and neck problems, and much more. This type of bodywork can be enhanced by using Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Bemer technologies to realign your body without pain and discomfort. Over a series of 10 sessions, Structural Integration systematically “unwinds” and reorganizes the fascial planes, restoring ease and flow in your body. Posture becomes smooth and effortless, chronic pain vanishes, and emotional wellbeing is restored. Think about it this way, when your body is structurally aligned, it can stack up more easily, and can energy flows effortlessly throughout your whole system.

NUTRITIONAL: You Are What You Eat
As a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN-P), I consider myself a detective. FDN is a complete step-by-step process of uncovering the Root Causes of dis-ease and utilizes natural methods to help clients recover and maintain the best health possible. FDN investigates hidden healing opportunities within the hormonal, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy, and nervous systems while using functional lab testing. The clues we collect help us to guide our clients with holistic lifestyle recommendations. These are intended to coach and build up healthy function in all areas of the body while coaching down contributors to Metabolic Chaos and dis-ease. Our ultimate goal is to ultimately restore health, balance, and well-being. For most chronic stress-related conditions, FDN is a perfect system to assist a person in getting well and staying well. For those with a serious medical condition, FDN is a proven stabilizer and holistic grounding program and a wonderful adjunct to the medical attention they may receive.


We implement these strategies Based off your NEEDS:

Weight Loss

Slim, smart & Sexy

Transformation Starts Here
Transform your health and self-confidence with a customized weight loss program that trains your body to easily lose unwanted weight and keep it off!

Customized 63 Day Programs
1 on 1 weekly Wellness Weight Loss Coaching gives you the individualized support and accountability that you need to succeed! Enjoy yummy recipes, weekly body composition analysis, fat burning supplements, and more. Local & Remote Programs are available.




FSM is a dual channel device which allows us to pair the frequency of the “problem or issue” with the frequency of the “tissue.” For example, pairing the frequency of inflammation, 40hz, with the frequency of the liver, 35hz, allows us to specifically target inflammation in the liver. In this manner, we can help the body to find a balance point, reduce inflammation, increase ATP production, and return to a healthy state faster. In fact, studies have found that FSM helps the body to heal 500x faster from an injury.



Did you know that your DNA emits light and sound, and actually acts as a radio transmitter and receiver of information carried in light and sound? LifeWave™ patches contain bio-molecular antennas that talk to the software of the body, which then affects change on the physical level. The use of the LifeWave™ patches on acupuncture meridian points talks to the body’s electrical system to help increase antioxidants, reduce pain, repair damaged tissue, reduce inflammation, pain and stress as well as increase energy and focus.

SCIO Quantum Biofeedback


The SCIO works on a multitude of levels such as emotional, energetic, physical, mental, and spiritual, and is used in clinics and hospitals across the US.

The body reacts to the machine for 10,000 different medical conditions, emotions, remedies, toxins, etc. Then sends corrective frequencies back to my body to help balance it out. AND it could do this all from a distance!

EVOX Biofeedback


In order to REALLY address the roots of disease, it’s extremely important to also dig up the emotional root cause. The EVOX Biofeedback device is designed to help you to clear emotional blockages by helping you to shift your PERCEPTION. As you talk into the microphone about the conflict or problem, the EVOX measures the emotional stress levels in your voice. Once we see the stress pattern, we can send balancing frequencies back to you through a hand cradle. We are balancing out the emotional stress pattern with corrective frequencies and in the process, you begin to shift your perception. Once your perception shifts, you can LET GO and MOVE ON.



When our body’s cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies maintain a healthy balance and function properly. Bemer is designed to improve circulation which then supports the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Because of enhanced circulation and blood flow with regular application of BEMER therapy, you may be able to train more which can help you to increase your overall endurance. It may also help with muscular tension.



The Contour Light is a light emitting diode (LED) system that delivers light in the 635nm and 880nm (infrared) wavelengths. The large, soft and flexible pads contour to the shape of your body, allowing the light source to be as close as possible to the skin, which is the optimum way to deliver photonic energy for skin rejuvenation and weight loss.

As you lie on the treatment table, you will feel a slight warming and very relaxing sensation, with zero pain or discomfort. Most clients also use our stress reducing BrainTap technology during their treatment to enhance relaxation and brain neuroplasticity, while others relax and take a short nap.There’s even a face mask to help with weight loss for that stubborn turkey neck!



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