Strengthening Your Immune System for COVID-19 and Beyond

I don’t have to tell you that we are living in a strange time right now. It seems like the world has turned upside down with fear and panic, so I felt it was timely to share some important information to help you stay healthy. 
In order to stay healthy and strong, it’s important to release your fear, keep a level head, be smart and strengthen your immune system. When you possess a healthy immune system and remain strong emotionally, you will be able to ride out this storm more peacefully and maintain your sanity.
While you cannot solely rely on pills and supplements to keep you from becoming ill, you can use them to strengthen your immune system.  In combination with a healthy diet and a regular exercise schedule, the right supplementation can help to optimize your body’s ability to stay healthy and strong. After all, when your body is deficient in micronutrients, it can’t function properly and you can become susceptible to illness!
I wanted to share my top, non-toxic and pure supplement recommendations to help prepare your immune system, not only for COVID-19, but for life. Most of these supplements can be  found at a discount on my online Fullscript Dispensary. Be sure to sign up for a free account so you can receive your supplements from a trusted source.

Immune Support

PneumoVen from Premier Research Labs

I have been a huge fan of Premier Research for many, many years now. Their products are pure, non-toxic, excipient free and made from real food. And they are well received by the body! 
For lung support, PneumoVen is my top recommendation. The supplement contains a natural vegetarian enzyme called Bromelain which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also is a rockstar for helping to break up and expel mucus while reducing cough and sinus drip. PneumoVen also contains NAC, which is an essential amino acid and a precursor to glutathione, which is one of the most potent antioxidants for our bodies. 
Interesting fact! Bromelain is derived from the fruit, stem, and juice of the pineapple. The next time you have lung congestion, try sipping on some organic pineapple juice to clear your lungs.

ImmunoVen or Olive Leaf Immune from Premier Research

I love both of these products, especially during cold and flu season! Olive leaf extract, which is a main component in both products, has been a popular herbal remedy in many cultures for centuries. 
Oleuropein, the main component in olive leaf extract, has antioxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and immune-stimulating properties. There’s a reason olive leaf extract has been so popular for so long in traditional medicine! 
ImmunoVen and Olive Leaf Immune are both great for supporting immune and cardiovascular health. As an added benefit, both products support a healthy environment for your entire body by not harming beneficial bacteria. 

Liquid Zinc Assay from Premier Research

Zinc Assay from Premier Research Labs is an incredible product that you can add directly to your water bottle. I like to use a teaspoon a day in my water bottle and sip it all day long. In addition to helping your body fight off viral load, this form of zinc helps with the restoration of your immune system and intestinal lining. And I love that it doesn’t leave me feeling nauseous like other zinc products!

Colostrum-IgG Caps from Premier Research

Did you know that Colostrum can be fantastic immune support? Also known as the “first mother’s milk”, colostrum helps you to develop your immune system when you are first born. Premier Research uses the purest bovine colostrum which has  naturally occurring immunoglobulins for effective immune support. 
I love that Premier Research takes such care with choosing the dairy farmers that they partner with. During the summer, spring, and fall, their cows are grass-fed, which is a superior nutrition source for the cattle and it creates top of the line colostrum too.

Adaptogen R3 from Premier Research

I LOVE using Adaptogen R-3 to help me balance my stress response, especially during these trying times. Adaptogenic herbs are amazing because they have the unique ability to “adapt” its function according to your body’s specific needs and help you to find balance and focus.
Adaptogen-R3™ features the well-known botanical adaptogen, Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola, also known as Golden root, is a hardy Siberian plant that has been used traditionally for hundreds of years. Extensive research has shown that Rhodiola offers a range of valuable properties including support for occasional mental and physical stress as well as cardiovascular and metabolic health.
While adaptogens are not specifically immune boosting, they do provide adrenal and stress support. 
I know right now with the uncertainty and heightened awareness of protecting yourself against the spread of COVID-19, you are bound to feel stressed out. Adaptogen-R3™ also helps to balance and tonify your adrenals so you can get a good night’s rest, which helps to lower your stress response.

D3 + K2 from Premier Research

Did you know that research has shown that taking D3/K2 can be as effective or more effective than a flu shot! 
Remember that D3 needs to be taken in conjunction with K2 in order for your body to absorb and utilize it. With that in mind,  you will want to look for a supplement that has both D3 and K2 in it. The combination helps to boost the immune system, protect  your mucous membranes, and helps your brain to stay sharp. This is definitely one of my go-to supplements that I take daily. 
It is a good idea to have your Vitamin D levels checked via blood work so you have a baseline and can figure out how much your body needs. Don’t forget to get your sunshine too! Sunshine helps your body to manufacture its own D3!

Gut Health Boosters

Even though I have mentioned these gut health boosters before, I thought it would be a great review! 
Your gut is the seat of your immune system so eating clean, avoiding sugar, and drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day, can go a long way to support your immune system. Healing and supporting your gut health is key to keeping your immune system in fighting shape.

RepairVite GT

Oftentimes people will ask me if “leaky gut” is a real issue. My response, ” It absolutely is a real problem!”  Eating genetically modified foods negatively affects the good bacteria in your gut and then the bad bacteria take over and cause damage to your gut lining.
Thank goodness for RepairVite GT from Apex Energetics! I love this product because it really helps to soothe an inflamed, leaky gut. When your gut is not filtering properly, viruses, bacteria, undigested food and toxins pour directly into your bloodstream causing systemic inflammation! 
Repairvite GT has soothing and anti-inflammatory effects on the gut lining so your immune system can stay strong.

Liposomal Glutathione

Glutathione is the most potent antioxidant available which helps to reduce oxidative stress in your body. Our bodies naturally produce glutathione but when we have chronic inflammation and cellular damage, our glutathione production decreases and then inflammation goes up.
I like to support my cells and immune system by taking liposomal glutathione on a daily basis.Liposomal products are effective because absorption begins in your mouth. For those with a compromised gut, you can rest assured that you will actually be able to absorb this type of glutathione.
ReadiSorb and Researched Nutritionals are a couple of my favorite liposomal glutathione products that I take orally. You can purchase Researched Nutritionals products directly from the company by using code HAFDN and Readisorb liposomal glutathione can be purchased on Fullscript.

MegasporeBiotic Probiotic

I LOVE MEgasporeBiotic! It is my daily go-to spore based probiotic. This probiotic is unique and effective and helps to provide a variety of bacteria for creating and maintaining a healthy gut barrier function. MegasporeBiotic reconditions your gut by promoting microbial diversity and maintaining key health-promoting gut bacteria. It also has some anti-microbial properties as well. 
MegasporeBiotic is very potent and effective so be sure to add it into your regimen slowly. For example, you may want to take one every other day for a few days and then when things seem stable, start taking one every day. Work your way up to taking two capsules per day with your first meal that contains some protein.

Vitamin C

Right now, finding high quality Vitamin C supplements can be challenging, so it’s the perfect time to rely on organic fruits and veggies to get your daily dose of vitamin C.  Yummy foods high in Vitamin C include broccoli, brussel sprouts, grapefruit, cabbage, lemons, kale, red bell peppers, oranges, spinach, strawberries, tangerines, tomatoes, mangos and watercress.
For those of you looking for high quality Vitamin C products, a couple of my favorite products are C-RLA from Researched Nutritionals and Liposomal Vitamin C from Quicksilver. You can purchase C-RLA from Researched Nutritionals directly by using the code HAFDN and Quicksilver can be found on Fullscript.