Top 5 Reasons You Are Feeling Foggy, Fat & Fatigued: Cellular Inflammation

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More and more women are reaching out on a daily basis complaining that they are feeling foggy, fat and fatigued.
It seems to be an epidemic, and surely there are reasons WHY so many women are experiencing this phenomenon.
I’m here to say that there are legitimate reasons for feeling these symptoms, but many times the symptoms are masked with medications and the root causes are never addressed. In order to reverse the symptoms and truly heal, we must look at the underlying factors and address them there.
Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why you are feeling Foggy, Fat & Fatigued.

Cellular Inflammation as a Root Cause

What is Cellular Inflammation?

When your cells are inflamed, hormonal signaling at the cellular levels is thrown out of whack. This leads to increased fat accumulation, acceleration of the development of chronic disease and decreased overall vitality. It’s not something you can feel, but it can be detected by a blood test.

What Causes Cellular Inflammation?

Cellular inflammation is caused by an imbalance in the ratio of two crucial fatty acids in your blood (AA and EPA).The ideal range for the ratio of AA and EPA in your blood is 1.5-3, with greater than 15 being cause for concern. The higher this number climbs, the higher your chance of cellular inflammation and with that, your likelihood of developing chronic disease (1).

How to Reduce Cellular Inflammation

The way you can reduce cellular inflammation is through changing up your diet. The quickest way to get proper levels of AA/EPA in your blood, is to eat more foods with omega-3 fatty acid concentrates rich in EPA. This raises the EPA content in the blood.
You can also rebalance these fatty acids by lowering the AA in your blood through an anti-inflammatory diet. I often reference Dr. Pompa’s cellular healing diet, which you can find here.
In part 2 of WHY you’re feeling fat, foggy and fatigued, we’ll talk about your dietary habits. Stay tuned!