What supplements to take – leaky gut?


To heal a leaky gut and other chronic health conditions, we have suggested important diet and lifestyle changes. To assist your healing, taking some of the following high grade supplements including LGUT, ZLUTN, Glutamine power or capsules, FBR, a variety of high-potency probiotics, terrain and zinc can support your efforts.
We can help guide you to the best sources for these and other supplements!
LGUT includes specific botanical and nutritional ingredients that help to reduce intestinal permeability.
ZGLUTN contains enzymes and herbs to support the digestion of casein (milk protein) and gliadin (gluten) and is formulated for gluten and dairy sensitive individuals.
Glutamine powder or capsules: An essential amino acid that coats the walls of your cells and is helpful for healing the intestinal lining.
FBR: Includes insoluble and soluble fibers, as well as herbs, whole food organic sprouts, and probiotics that help with proper elimination, bowel function and a healthy colon.
High-potency probiotics such as MBC, ABC, Prescript Assist, and Probiophage: Rotating different probiotics helps to provide a variety of bacteria which is important to achieving a healthy gut.
Terrain: Organic acids in this living, herbal dietary supplement help create a popper internal environment for growing good bacteria.
Zinc: It helps with the restoration of your immune system and intestinal lining and is also important for growth and wound healing.
This is a short list and reach out to us for more specifics for your health issues!
Let us coach you on your road to optimal health!
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