Which Emotional Conflicts Trigger Common Diseases?


Every disease has an emotional conflict tied to it. I recently asked members of my private Facebook group, Root Cause Warriors for Health, to name a disease so I could then explain what the emotional trigger is. I got tons of great questions and feedback, so I wanted to share that information with you.

How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease

The Autonomic Brain is in charge of your survival and is always looking for a biological way to keep you alive, especially when you experience a trauma or conflict. When we experience trauma, whether it’s real, imaginary or virtual, our brain records this experience. Sometimes we resolve the conflict and sometimes we do not. The brain will try to help you to resolve this conflict but if it is not resolved, your brain will carry it for you for years.
When things are unresolved, your brain sends a message to your organ or tissue  to either break down or build up a mass. Again, the automatic brain does this for your survival. The brain is trying to support the body and survive during the conflict.
There are a couple of things that can happen following a conflict. Illness can show up after we resolve the conflict, or illness can be building while we are still in conflict. The type of trauma that is experienced will determine the organ that is affected and whether the tissue will be building a mass or breaking down tissue.
This is a simplified explanation, of course!
When we look closely at the type of disease which is being expressed, then we can understand the underlying trauma that is associated with that disease. Then we have the tools to resolve it completely and truly heal. I do this work daily with clients and have seen some of the most advanced diseases heal.
There are many nuances to each disease, and this is just a start to help you understand the core conflict(s) behind your illness. Since these are nuanced to each individual, I would recommend reaching out to me if you’ve decided to explore your emotional root causes.
Read below to find out what particular diseases are related which emotional triggers.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer stems from the resolution of a Loss Conflict.
For example, I was taken away from my dad when I was 3 years old. This represented a deep loss conflict to me, and my brain recorded it. As a result and at the same time, my right ovary was breaking down for years while I was in this loss conflict. Then 43 years later when I met my real dad, my brain said, “Her loss is over! She has her daddy back!” and the loss conflict was finally resolved. This healed the trauma on the brain and signaled my right ovary to heal. The healing of the ovary became ovarian cancer because the trauma was so deep and it was held for a long time.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is complicated because there are different types of breast cancer and different conflicts associated with it.
Breast Cancer/Milk Glands Adenocarcinoma: Nest/home conflict or a conflict of mothering
Breast Cancer/Intra-ductal: Separation conflict in the nest/home. Someone torn from your breast, a lack of communication or the inability to convey one’s love
Breast Cancer Melanoma: A conflict of loss or the staining of one’s integrity within the nest/home
Breast Neurofibromatosis: A conflict of imposed contact that is unpleasant, unwanted or painful
In general, ductal breast cancer ties to someone being torn from the breast. Glandular breast cancer ties to a home/nest conflict.

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer has slightly different meanings depending upon where the tumor is within the colon. In general, colon cancer ties to unexpressed anger at a family member (or someone that you feel is a family member even if they aren’t blood related). The tumor grows while you are holding onto the anger and you don’t even realize it is there unless it creates an obstruction. Once the anger is released, TB bacterium is released from within the body and starts breaking down the tumor during which time the person experiences fevers, fatigue and blood in their stools.


Lyme occurs after a conflict of separation with your family or clan is resolved. Chronic lyme is a hanging healing where the person is in and out of the conflict of separation with their perceived family/clan.
This is just a brief scratch on the surface of how emotional conflict ties to disease. In the next few weeks, we’ll discuss it more in depth.
If you want to join in the discussion in my private Root Cause Warriors for Health Facebook group, please click here to request access. I would love to have you. We chat about these topics weekly!