Are You Constantly Uncomfortable?


​"I am always bloated after I eat!"

Gut Health

Everything pretty much boils down to what drives inflammation in the gut! Gas, bloating, fatigue… you’d be surprised at everything that is affected by your gut’s health.

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    Gut Dysbiosis. An imbalance of good bugs vs bad bugs can create an overgrowth in your gut and make you feel horrible! 
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    SIBO. Sometimes good bacteria from the large intestine migrates to the small intestine can create gas, bloating and so much more. 
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    Food Sensitivities. Foods are not as pure as they used to be, causing gut inflammation and food sensitivities. 
  • ​Parasites. ​These buggers can wreak havoc on your gut and microbiome, without you ever realizing that you have them!
  • ​Unknown Infections. There could be something going on inside your body that you or your healthcare provider haven’t discovered yet.

Sadly, what happens is that many practitioners and doctors don’t do the right kind or deep enough testing to get to find the underlying the root of the problem. The solution is to test (not guess!) and then gracefully bring the body back into healthy balance.

Want to learn more about what could be causing your daily digestive discomfort?

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"Trina’s work is famously effective, affirming and empowering.

I am convinced that when a person is feeling symptoms, there is far more going on with the patient than we Western trained physicians are able to access. Trina’s wealth of medical knowledge is amazingly vast and she knows when to guide the patient back to our Western approach when necessary.

I have always felt confident in her keen intuition that inherently knows what each individual patients needs."

– Dr Janine Talty, DO Lyme Specialist, Author of Indigo Awakening